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Essay Services That Should Be Avoided By All Students

With so many essay services available on the market, the fact that some students will spend their limited resources on subpar papers is unavoidable. But the number of those situations can be reduced, which is exactly what we are aiming to do here. As professionals with no interest in selling one product over the other, our evaluation is based on fair documentation, first-hand experience with these services and honest reporting. We want to provide students with an unbiased source of information, something that is impossible to get from the testimonials on the very websites that sell you a service.

When doing reviews, we found numerous essay services that were not at a satisfactory level. More than we hoped for. Here are three examples of websites that we advise students to avoid.

1. DissertationTeam

This website attracts attention by focusing a niche that is not very well represented on the market. One of the services covered is writing for students from English as Second Language programs (ESL). Their writers, however, are advertised as being native English speakers.

One of the disappointing aspects is the lack of information when it comes to types of services. Besides vague mentions of academic writing for all levels, it was difficult to get an idea of all the specific paper types and subjects covered.

Their claims of having exceptional writers are also impossible to check, seeing how there is no verifiable information offered about any of them. Since there are no samples available either, we can only disagree with the gamble that the customers have to take for an order.

Receiving our papers, we were not impressed with the quality of the writing. Besides some instances of obvious spelling and grammar mistakes, we found the text itself to be simplistic and uninspired.

Prices are also quite high, yet there was nothing offered that could justify them. Discounts are also missing – no promo code was offered for a first order, and there are no coupon codes available over time either. A flaw that you rarely see in these kinds of websites, with nothing to make up for it.

2. BestResearchPaper

This is an academic writing service promising to offer superior quality of writing for all levels of education. This means it goes from high school essays up to theses and dissertations.

By reading customer reviews, we noticed numerous complaints when it comes to the quality of the papers. Unfortunately, we can only add to that negative impression. The writing seemed to be done by a non-native English speaker, something that goes against what is advertised on their website. Our paper had several problems regarding grammar and word usage.

The customer support department proved not to be properly prepared for the task it should serve. The staff was neither informative nor helpful when we tried to have our problems with the paper fixed.

Prices are higher than average, which is unreasonable considering the quality offered. Discounts of 15% are available for new customers, as well as over time, for those subscribing to the email newsletter. Not enough to compensate for the website’s flaws.

3. EssayHave

If we look at its focus, this website offers a complete list of academic services, for all levels. As with the previously mentioned services, it’s the execution where the problems appear. Upon receiving our paper, we noticed the same problems we read about in customer reviews from external websites: poor grammar, wrong word usage, and incorrect sentence structure being some of them. The support staff proved to be of little to no help when it came to information or other reasonable requests.

Prices are average, with no discounts available.

These websites can only be worthy of a negative review and rating.While they are not fraud or scam,there are better solutions available.

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